...moving along

The project has finally started going underway.
This site has been created and registered and the wheels are turning.

The BONGOlight has changed, however.

We had been working on the code for the Arduino and had the basis for it ready, but with the change in the idea we are starting almost from scratch. Most of the Arduino-code we wrote have been trashed. However, the BONGOlight 2.0 (as we are now calling it) isn't heavy code-wise for the Arduino.

We have moved from an IRL enviorment to a flashy new domain.

The BONGOlight 2.0 is completely digital, it's effect however has become more real than ever before.

For further details on the BONGOlight 2.0 read the Prelimenary Info.

Click for bigger versions

The Flash-crew working hard.

X and Y. Always X and Y.

A foto of Samson writing
about this foto on the blog.
How meta of him.

A major breakthrough!
The wizards of flash have created
a line which can draw left or right
or straight up depending on the
input. Now all we need is make
this look more like a plant, make it
remember where it has been so it
can shrink back and continue from
another point and finally to attach
a bongo to it.

This project is eazy!

Mattias is thrilled over the


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