Preliminary info

BONGOlight 2.0

A bongodrum-controlled flash-application that allows users to grow an artificial, graphical plant on-screen.

The plant grows in different ways depending on the drumming. If the user stops the plant will start to fade. If it fades enough, it dies.

The goal is to keep the plant alive during a music-festival. With a collaborative effort in drumming the plant will suffice the terrors of darkness.

(the Bongolight will be put on pause by sundown. Plants need night too, you know)

Perhaps some kind of sponsor deal can keep the drumming interesting. "If the plant is still alive by sunday [company] will donate [sum] dollars to enviormental aid organizations.


The inteface is a screen and the bongos. Sourrunding the screen (left, right and top) are 3 spotlights, giving visual indication of the drumming. See Sketches)

The BONGOlight 2.0 is constructed of a laptop, running flash and providing the screen (at the festival it might be a secondary bigger screen), an arduino, 3 spotlights, 3 switches for the lights and 2 sensors (for the bongos).

The old presentation-video


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