Mattias PC has crashed!

This is terrible news since all the flash-code was stored there. It turned out, however, that it was a false scare. With the aid of a HP-recovery CD he was able to restore the project (thank god...).

Proper back-ups have now been created.

Also David sent a mail this morning, basically dumping a load of crap for us to do. We spent some time arguing wether we ought to complain and notify our student-union that he is illegal or just shut up and do it.

We ended up chickening out and did his crap.

We are very curious how we are supposed to create a website from scratch since no HTML or other language is required from us. Thankfully some of us know it from the past.
Very bad form David... As you said yourself: "This is university - shape up!"      ;)

We (kind of) finished the BONGOlight today. Mattias and Joakim spent the day beautifying the flash-app, Samson wrote some texts (Davids stuff) and Zahra fixed some broken cords with soldering.

Basically, we all worked. Hard.

1. Our beautiful bongos. 2. Mattias is coding and Samson is editing photos. 3. Zahra plays the drums.

4. Mattias. Able to see the end of the tunnel. 5. Zahra, overworked.


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