The road is long...

Today we beta-finished writing the functional part of the flash code. Some additional tweaks are needed before we can take this baby out of the garage - but we are moving along.

Now, we are aware that most of these landmarks are quite trivial for advanced users but this is our first attempt of anything like this. Mattias and Joakim has had a two week workshop when they toyed around in flash, but thats it. They're is no other previus knowledge between us in these areas, we are flying blind (and googling alot - we actually came up with a catch phrase to use when lesser men ask stupid questions: "How the Hell do you google!?!" or in Swedish "Hur Fan googlar du!?!").

We have added the death counter wich not only makes the bongoplant wither but also allows it to actually die if users neglect the drumming.

We also added some basic graphics in flash (grass, flower, etc.).

For the most part of the day we have banged our heads against the wall, trying to get flash and the arduino talking via serial port. After looking at some example texts and with some aid from our talented, friendly tobacco-smelling teacher Marcus we reached succes!

Took some sweat though...
For a while Samson almost gave up and started playing six slices of bacon, that game when you got to link actors via movies they've starred in. Ex:

From Harrison Ford to Denis Leary

Harrison Ford is in THE FUGITIVE so is Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Lee Jones is in NATURAL BORN KILLERS so is Woody Haroldson
Woody is in WAG THE DOG so is Denis Leary

Three steps!
Maximum amount of steps allowed: six (hence the name of the game)
No IMDB or other help allowed.

Hardest achived slice today: Jessica Simpson to Jack Nicholson (in 5 steps)

Ok, that was way off-topic. I blame our workload...

We also made a circuit scheme today (finally). Now we dont have to go by heart each time we try to build this.


Also, we recoded the arduino, dumping ALL previus code and adding the second drum (Bongos have two, remember!) as well as sending serial-data for a nice socket-app to read and send to which in turn allows flash to read it. Bums me out that flash can't read that by itself. Hey macromedia! Save us some time and add the feature.

Todays snapshots
(click for bigger)

1. Joakim. Tired. 2. Zahra's got the power 3. Samson, feeling fine. 4.All the bits and pieces.

5. Samson, imitating a frog? 6. Sketchy visualization. 7. Mattias bedroom eyes. 8. Samson got stuck in the wiring.

9. Mattias shows the progress he has made at home, tweaking the code. 10. The connected bits and pieces. 11. Zahra, admiring the wire. 12. bashing our heads in to make flash listen to the Arduino.

13. Breadboard landscapes.


Circuit voyage

Actual Working prototype

The graphics are sketchy and so is the movement, but the input is all bongo, baby!


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