After much fussing about we finally decided we needed to buy a real bongo. We checked the net for prices and bought a "Dadi proffesional percussion" bongo at "Jams" here in Malmö.

The rest of the day was spent tweeking and adding to the flash-application and adding graphics.

After some advice we decided to skip the visual indication of the lights and instead create graphics for it in flash. We move more and more in to the digital world. Soon not even the bongos will be real... (what a bummer that would be).

Samson did some soldering and created a mountable chip to put on the Arduino so every little thing stays in place. All the elctronics have moved into the bongos belly. Now we basically have Bongos that are connected to a laptop, the rest of the work is purely software-oriented.

1. The Bongos. 2. Adding the vibration sensor on the inside 3. We put the arduino on a piece of cardboard.

4. The Arduinos chip (nevermind the tape) 5. The flashboys working on a light-feedback


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